October 2014

Βόρεια Αμερική

Ταξίδια και πακέτα διακοπών στην Αμερική: ταξιδέψτε στις ΗΠΑ! Κάντε το δικό σας ατομικό ταξίδι στις ημερομηνίες που εσείς επιθυμείτε! Αεροπορικά εισιτήρια, πολυτελή ξενοδοχεία, συνδυασμός διαφόρων πόλεων όπως: Νέα Υόρκη, Μαϊάμι, Λας Βέγκας, Σικάγο, Σαν […]

Discover Krabi

Choose your patch of sand to relax on between limestone rock faces topped with lush green jungle. Take a long boat and go island hopping to find remote shores. Or if you’re feeling particularly active, […]

Discover Phuket

Well known for its breath taking beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. Phuket is an ideal destination to enjoy a relaxing holiday. For those seeking more an out and about atmosphere, the island also offers a […]

Discover Pattaya

Thailand’s Premier resort 

Pattaya, which means ‘south west monsoon wind” in Thai, is approximately 150 kilometers from Bangkok. It’s literally where east meets west, both in colour and and character. Pattaya will appeal to water sports […]